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We proudly provide natural health and wellness products for the whole family. Founded in 1989, we are a family owned company, developing our roots out of Dr Florrie Kerschbaumer’s homeopathic and naturopathic practice.

We are passionate about natural health and dedicated to providing the public with safe and affordable, South African products that you can trust to support your wellness.


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Our range of full spectrum herbal remedies and essential supplements are made from the finest natural ingredients, to provide high quality products with full natural strength, efficiency and safety. Read more

what to use

What Do I Use?

Want to know which one or more of our products may suit your needs? Our products are conveniently categorized by body and organ areas. Read more

Or browse our Ailments Guide. Read more



Over 200 retail outlets, pharmacies and health shops country wide stock our products. So do many doctors, homeopaths, herbalists and phytotherapists. Find an outlet or health care practitioner near you or buy from our secure online shop. Read more

giving back

Giving Back

We are dedicated to supporting the Cape Forest Regeneration Project. We also support other charitable causes - please contact us for more information or to participate. Read more

  • We care about your health
  • We care about the environment
  • Our products are holistic
  • Our products are local
  • We've been around for over 20 years
  • Experts formulate our products

A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul. A sick body is a prison.
- Francis Bacon, 1561–1626

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