Prime Your Immune System To Respond Faster With New BioFend™

  • Train your immune system to identify and react faster to threats to your health.
  • Strengthen your immune response to infections for a quicker return to health.

  • Protect against oxidation with naturally occurring vitamin C that is recognised by your body for effective absorption.

  • Strengthen your teen’s resilience to cope with the demands of an uncertain school schedule, remote classes, school sport and exams with a natural immune enhancer.
  • Feel confident in knowing that you’re giving your body additional nutrients to give your immune system a fighting chance.
Flora Force BioFend
Flora Force BioFend

Natural health products since 1989

Our passion is natural health. We strive to provide safe, effective and affordable products you can trust.

Welcome to Flora Force Health Products

We grew up trusting nature as the best source of wellness. In 1989 Flora Force was founded on that principle. We grew into a family business and now, over three decades later, we still follow that philosophy.

Everybody knows that many generations relied on herbs in their original composition. Why tamper with nature? We do not either. Our main range uses vegan friendly capsules, with no preservatives or unnecessary additives.

Our motto says it all… “Nature in full. Health in force.

We are confident that our simple, reliable and authentic products provide effective solutions to improve your quality of life.

Quality natural ingredients. Quality products.

Today Flora Force carries a wide range of single and combination herbal capsules, tablets and tinctures for the retail market as well as dispensing practitioners.

Our founding philosophy remains: use only top-quality, full-potency herbal ingredients in their natural and original composition (no standardised extracts).

Our pursuit of quality is upheld at the Cape Town-based production facility. GMP principles are applied at all steps, from sourcing raw materials to the finished product. The result? Pure, natural, unadulterated products that you can trust. High-quality products that guarantee full natural strength, efficacy and safety as provided by nature.

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  • We care about your health
  • We support the environment
  • Our products are holistic
  • Our products are local
  • Over 30 years’ experience

  • Expert formulated products
Wolf’s bane is my favourite herb
John Snow
Catnip is the purrfect herb for meeeow
Fifi the cat

There’s an old saying : ‘Information and knowledge is power’

Well, sort of. Knowledge or information is only potential power. Applied knowledge becomes powerful.

Read our blog articles and get empowered with wellness information that you can apply.

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