How a family’s passion became a trusted brand

Flora Force is a family owned company that was founded in 1989, developing its roots out of Dr Florrie Kerschbaumer’s homeopathic and naturopathic practice.

After obtaining a degree in science Dr Florrie developed an interest in natural health which led to her further studies and qualifying in Homeopathy and Naturopathy. She started her private practice in 1972 and developed many successful homeopathic and herbal formulas. These formulas were developed and refined into the Flora Force brand of herbal products and made available to the open retail market. Since 1989, Flora Force has grown into a well-known, trusted and successful natural product range.

In the early 1990’s Dr Florrie’s two eldest sons – Gerhard and Karl – took over the reigns of Flora Force to develop and streamline the manufacturing and production procedures into the quality products that Flora Force is known for today. They started the expansion of the product range and by 1995 a full complement of 350 herbs was carried.

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In the mid 90’s Dr Florrie’s other sons – Günther and Jürgen – also joined the business in managerial capacity. Both Günther and Jürgen are the current directors of Flora Force Health Products.

Dr Florrie’s daughter Annemarie has worked in her homeopathic practice as the administrative and dispensing manager since 1995 and in 2009 joined Flora Force to manage day to day administration and distribution together with her assistant Leatitia.

Dr Florrie’s other son – Dr Werner Kerschbaumer – joined the homeopathic practice in 1999 and joined Flora Force in a consulting capacity in 2005. Currently, he is the spokesperson and Dr Florrie is responsible for research and development.

Mrs Lynnette Harding joined Flora Force in 2004 as our public relations officer and we recently appointed Ms Vera Orffer as our marketing manager.

Today, Flora Force carries a wide range of single and combination herbal capsules, tablets and tinctures for the retail market as well as dispensing practitioners. It is our philosophy is to use only top quality, full potency herbal ingredients in their natural and original composition (no standardized extracts). This enables Flora Force to provide high quality products which guarantee full natural strength, efficiency and safety. The pursuit of quality is upheld at the Cape Town based production facilities which are GMP compliant and working towards ISO compliance.

Proud of their roots and with a firm belief in the quality and true nature of their products, the Kerschbaumer family continually seeks new combinations to improve the quality of life of those using the Flora Force products.

The Flora Force brand is dedicated to providing the public with safe and affordable, proudly South African products that they can trust.