Agapanthus are a popular sight in South African gardens. Their masses of ball-shaped, blue and white flowers provide a cool contrast to the bright sun. In fact, indigenous agapanthus are among the country’s most popular herbaceous perennials. It was also one of the first South African flower species to be grown in Europe, where it was recorded in a garden in 1679.
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There are a number of species: the dwarf A. africanus, the common A. praecox and the drooping A. inapertus among them. They are easy to grow, their strappy leaves are green all year and most of the species will tolerate dry conditions.

  • Plant Agapanthus from a container at any time of year
  • Plant in sun or partial shade
  • The plants flourish in well-drained, loamy, fertile soil
  • Water well when conditions are dry
  • The plants can be divided and replanted when they become overcrowded


Acknowledgements & Photo credits

1. Agapanthus photo by Denis Conrado (Denis Conrado; el Lavras, Brazilo.) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons