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Ditch that diet, for good.

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You’ve gone high-carb, low-carb, high-fat, low-fat, all-banana, all-grapefruit, all-peanut butter (really?) to lose a few kilos. What’s next? We go back to basics to lead you out of diet despair. Eating ABCs: Why we do it. The most important reason we eat is to provide energy for our bodies to work – for our brain [...]

The good news about resistance training

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Want to strengthen your bones, improve muscle tone, keep your heart healthy, lose weight and get that feel-good factor? Resistance training is suitable for everyone, and you don’t even need to go to the gym. For many years, when I was more preoccupied with my physical appearance than my health, I spent 30-plus minutes every [...]

Lose weight gently with West Coast kelp

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Treat your body with love and respect. So, if you’re carrying a few more kilograms than you should, Flora Force can help you to lose weight in a gentle, healthy way. With an unusual ingredient… In our blog ‘Body type: love the shape you’re in’, we discussed the differences between body types and how [...]

Body type: love the shape you’re in

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[custom_frame_center shadow="on"][/custom_frame_center] Do you stand on the scales every morning? Do you focus on your body’s ‘faults’? Read on to find out about basic body type, how to calculate body fat and how you can make the most of your figure. Get off the scales! Ask most women what they think about their bodies and [...]

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