Breastfeeding – making the world’s children healthier and smarter

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Breastfeeding is important. It’s one of the most satisfying activities you can do with your baby – and one of your body’s most miraculous functions. Breast milk provides your newborn’s first immunisation, helping to prevent diarrhoea, chest, ear and other infections, and disease; it promotes good brain development and your child’s ability to be educated; [...]

Winter detox: Try this mini midwinter cleanse to beat the winter blues.

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Happier to chill on the couch rather than walk the dog? Winter’s tummy-warming dishes are certainly comforting, but they can leave you feeling lethargic. Find your inner glow with this mini winter detox – it will help cleanse your body, rejuvenate your skin and perk up your energy. What a mini winter detox entails We’re not [...]

The health benefits of pepper

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Always reaching for the salt despite health warnings? We discuss the effect salt has on your body and introduce the health benefits of pepper, the tongue-tingling dinner-table companion of your sodium-laden condiment. Salt facts: The effect on salt on your body Salt and pepper are staples in kitchens and on dinner tables throughout the Western [...]

Glaucoma: the thief of sight

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Did you know that glaucoma can lead to you losing as much as 40% of your vision, without you even realising you had glaucoma? That’s why this condition is called the ‘sneak thief of sight’. What exactly is glaucoma, and how can you prevent it? What is glaucoma? 
Glaucoma is not one but a family [...]

Touch benefits newborn babies: how your contact can make a difference

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Did you know that science has shown that early contact and touch benefits newborn babies? Do you remember the moment of your birth? Probably not. The experience of being born is one of life’s greatest mysteries. But one thing is certain: the path any human travels is affected significantly by the way in which their [...]

The good news about resistance training

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Want to strengthen your bones, improve muscle tone, keep your heart healthy, lose weight and get that feel-good factor? Resistance training is suitable for everyone, and you don’t even need to go to the gym. For many years, when I was more preoccupied with my physical appearance than my health, I spent 30-plus minutes every [...]

The why’s and what-to-do’s of morning sickness

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You’re pregnant! Congratulations! But you’ve been knocked sideways with nausea, possibly even vomiting. There’s nothing quite like morning sickness to spoil your pleasure at discovering you are pregnant. What causes morning sickness and what are the safest remedies? The initial euphoria you experience when you discover you are pregnant may soon fade when you wake [...]

10 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

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Are you struggling to get into the swing of the new year? Despite the festive season break, many of us are finding it difficult to think sensibly. These 10 steps will help boost your brain power and energy levels. 1. Exercise Get moving! Exercising encourages your nerve cells to multiply and strengthens their connections, which [...]

The healing properties of turmeric and cayenne

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[custom_frame_center] [/custom_frame_center] The principal components of Flora Force Turmerynne™ are turmeric and cayenne, exotic spices used in the fragrant cuisines of Asia, the islands of the Caribbean and South America. But these sought-after ingredients are also prized for their healing properties. Generations of people have trusted turmeric and cayenne to ease discomforts ranging from sluggish [...]