The December holidays have hardly passed and Easter is around the corner. If you still feel the after effects of over indulgences of the festive season – you know, that sluggish & just can’t get going feeling – then the next couple of weeks should help you to get into gear again. I’ll share information about some herbs and natural supplements to support your health and get back into balance. The posts will be based on answers to questions from Radio Jacaranda FM listeners.

This week’s talk was about a herb which can be found in most people’s kitchen’s – Cayenne.

The herb Cayenne is a wonderful herb that provides many benefits. But most of us wouldn’t be able to eat the amount of cayenne pepper required to obtain or experience meaningful health benefits. That’s why it is important to take it in a capsule form in adequate doses, such as Flora Force Cayenne capsules.
Cayenne has stimulant effects and can help to improve metabolism and digestion. It can help to relieve indigestion – yes I know this probably hard to believe as you are probably thinking “wait a minute, it’s gonna GIVE me indigestion – but this is not so if taken in capsule form. On the contrary, some people find that it can actually help to alleviate bloating and heart burn type of stomach discomfort!

So cayenne can be very helpful if you feel worn out and sluggish after over indulging during the past festive season.

Cayenne contains capsaicin – an important active ingredient which regulates the release of the the neuro-transmitter “Substance P” from the brain. Increased activity of Substance P leads to increased pain impulses, so cayenne can help to down-regulate pain, especially if it is applied locally to sore joints and muscles.

Next week I’ll share how Cayenne supports the heart and cardiovascular system.