It’s spring ­– the perfect time to freshen up your home. It’s time to detox your body too. So turn your back on those warming comfort foods and follow this simple detox plan to usher in a fresher, rejuvenated you.

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A physical spring clean may be just what you need. Don’t groan – we’re not suggesting a crash course of cabbage soup and fruit juice. ‘Simply drinking more lemon water and adding more fresh fruit and veggies to your diet’ are ways to flush out your body, says Canadian naturopathic physician Kim McQueen.
Here are 12 detox tips recommended by McQueen and alternative medicine practitioner Dr Joseph Mercola. Try them. You’ll look better and feel lighter and brighter and fizzing with energy.

12 Ways to detox your body

    Take omega-3. Our bodies don’t make inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids, so we need to take them in food or capsule form. For the best sources, try fish oil or algae and flax oil if you are vegan.
    Getting enough B vitamins? B vitamins give you oomph, help fight stress and beat the blues. Find them in brewer’s yeast and whole grains.
    Don’t forget the herbs. Add dandelion, turmeric, milk thistle and nettle to your herb and spice cupboard– they detoxify your system and support liver function. Flora Force Dandelion capsules or Liver Flush™ capsules help with detox too.
    Choose live dairy products. Choose yoghurt with probiotics – good bacteria similar to the ones living in your digestive tract – to help keep your digestive tract and immune system healthy all year round. You’ll also find probiotics in kefir (the SA Journal of Natural Medicine tells to you how make kefir at and kombucha (from health food stockists).
    Try a little bitterness.Bitter foods help with digestion, encouraging the production of stomach acid and the release of bile. If constipation or bloating are your constant companions, eat more bitter foods such as rocket, kale, chicory, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, courgettes, melon, peppermint and lemon.
    Put a rainbow on your plate. Pile your plate with the full spectrum of colourful fruits and vegetables, organic if possible. Or try juicing. According to Dr Mercola, ‘Juicing vegetables is a superb way to fortify your body with nutrients. It also happens to be an excellent way to cleanse your body, specifically your intestine.’ Add green veggies for their chlorophyll, which helps detoxify and heal the body and purify the blood.
    A meat-lover? Buy certifiable organic. Opt for antibiotic- and hormone-free meat. Investigate to find local suppliers.
    Fill up with soluble fibre. Soluble fibre moves down the digestive tract slowly, absorbing water and helping the body to get rid of hormones and cholesterol. Try foods like oats, avocados, kidney beans, apples, prunes and berries to keep you feeling full for longer.
    Drink lots of water. Avoid fizzy drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks and coffee.
    Say no to processed foods. They’re filled with additives that your body interprets as toxins and fights to eliminate. This puts your immune system under constant stress.
    Eat more fermented foods. They’re a great source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and good bacteria, which make food more digestible and balance the flora in your gut.
    Get active. Get moving this spring. Exercise will work your body, getting rid of toxins and even a few kilos, and destress your mind.

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We advise that you contact your medical practitioner or other registered health care practitioner before embarking on a detox diet or changing your eating habits.[/message] divider-clear


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Article compiled for Flora Force by Judy Beyer.


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