Never regret an extra glass of wine, cheesecake or rich pasta dish. There is no reason to feel guilty when enjoying yourself.

If you feel a little queasy at the thought of overindulgence, give your liver the essential support it needs to cope.

Flora Force Milk Thistle is the natural supplement which has a wide range of benefits for your liver:

  • Protecting your liver against damage caused by alcohol, rich food, hepatitis or toxins
  • Regenerating injured liver cells

  • Restore and maintain a healthy liver function

  • Improve the liver’s ability to process and eliminate fatty foods and alcohol
  • Improve metabolism

Some people even report reduced skin problems and clearer, glowing skin when using Flora Force Milk Thistle thanks to less build-up of toxins in the body.


“I like, really like this product and it has helped me with my liver. I’m full of energy all the time it’s the best.”


One liver. One set of kidneys. Best to rather be safe than sorry. I believe in detox and protecting the liver at all cost. This works for me. I feel a huge boost in energy after a few days of taking this product.

Flora Force Milk Thistle Capsules
Flora Force Milk Thistle Capsules

Get MILK THISTLE to support your liver

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