Flora Force Natural Medicine: A brand you can trust

Concerns about the quality of herbal supplements are often raised in the media. In February, the topic was once again brought into the public arena when the New York State Attorney General’s office accused GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements as tests had showed that they did not contain what was indicated on the packaging. The companies were ordered to remove the products from stores.

At Flora Force we have followed a stringent 6-step quality-assurance programme for the past 26 years to ensure that our products are safe and trustworthy. We have managed to honour traditional herbal wisdom while following the sound principles of current good manufacturing practice. Our process ensures that the integrity of the materials used is maintained from source to shelf, and involves:

  • Sourcing materials from qualified sources across the world
  • Ensuring that the method of transport and storage is appropriate to the herbal material;
  • Ensuring that once the material is received in our facility that it meets all the specifications relating to physical characteristics, chemical conformance as well as purity from adulteration, microbiological or pesticide contamination;
  • Ensuring that validated methods are used in the production process for batch-to-batch consistency;
  • Only releasing products to market once all of the required release criteria are met; and
  • Ensuring that traceability exists throughout the process, to ensure continued customer safety through the entire lifespan of the product.

Adherence to this strict quality-assurance protocol has enabled Flora Force to provide high-quality products that guarantee full natural strength, efficacy and safety. Flora Force is dedicated to providing safe and affordable products that are made in South Africa. We use and trust them ourselves and we confidently supply them to you, our consumer.

Press Release:
For immediate release: 30 April 2015
Flora Force Health Products.