Our new shopping cart is live

We’ve experienced a few glitches with our online shop recently, but are glad to announce that we’ve just completed updates on all our product pages, with direct links to purchase online. Everything seems to be in working order again.

Wherever you see a Add to cart button you can just click the button to initiate the ordering process. Clicking the “Keep Shopping” link will return you to the product categories to add more products.

MonsterpayWe use the MonsterPay shopping cart. It has excellent fraud protection and security, allowing South African buyers to buy securely online with your Credit card or by EFT.
If you pay by credit card, you will need to verify your card for security purposes. This process involves MonsterPay charging an amount between 1.01 to 1.99 to your credit card. (You will receive the amount back in your MonsterPay account after you complete the verification).  You will need to find the exact amount on your credit card statement and provide this amount back to MonsterPay to complete the verification process.

We trust you will enjoy the online shopping experience.