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Cauliflower cheese, cauliflower soup, cheesy toasts with cauliflower pickle – there are so many winter dishes to prepare with cauliflower that your own crop is almost essential. We show you how…

If you’ll be growing cauliflower from seed, then it’s best to sow the seeds in seedling trays indoors. Use a good quality seedling mix and keep the soil moist.

Preparing the soil

Cauliflowers need a cool area of your garden that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Prepare the bed by digging in compost and 2:3:2.

Transplanting the seedlings

When the seedlings are strong enough to stand upright on their own, transplant them into the prepared bed. Mound the soil around them slightly to protect them against the wind. You can also place a section of cardboard loo-roll tube around each seedling as a deterrent to attacks by insects. Keep them moist, but protect them against a winter deluge (especially if you live in the Western Cape!).

Harvesting cauliflower

Your cauliflowers should be ready for harvesting about four months after sowing. When their heads are rounded and firm to the touch, cut them off with a sharp knife.

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Inspired to cook?

Combine cauliflower and bone-strengthening fennel in this hearty cauliflower–fennel gratin. It’s piquant and lip-smackingly good. Enjoy![/message]


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