We’re excited to share some Good News about DensiMAX™. Our popular multi-mineral supplement improves bone density, for sure. Now, it’s also promising to be a powerful weapon against inflammation! Read on…

What is DensiMAX™?

FLORA FORCE DensiMAX™ is a multi-mineral supplement created from a species of red seaweed (algae) called Lithothamnion calcareum, and Vitamin D. We use it to support healthy bones, teeth and general well-being.

What makes this algae so special?

The species grows in the Atlantic waters off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. The ocean here is way too icy for swimming, but it’s very rich in minerals. The seaweed collects the minerals in its waving fronds, which eventually break off the living plant and fall to the ocean floor. The hard, calcified remains are sustainably harvested, then cleaned and milled to produce a product called Aquamin, the main ingredient in DensiMAX™. (Vitamin D3 in DensiMAX™ helps the body to absorb calcium). Apart from washing and milling, Aquamin is unchanged from the raw material. Only mature seaweed is harvested – live young plants are left to grow naturally. This is organic farming at its best, underwater.

So this product called Aquamin is good for us, right?

Definitely! And that’s why we’re so proud we use it. The seaweed contains a high percentage of calcium, along with other minerals and trace elements – 74 in total. And that makes it great for strong bones and joints, and all-over good health. What’s more, because Aquamin is harvested from just one species of plant, its minerals are easy for the body to absorb. That turns this humble seaweed into something wonderful for human health. So wonderful, in fact, that in 2016, Aquamin won the Ingredient of the Year award in the Healthy Ageing category at the annual NutraIngredients Awards.

So what’s the news, and how does it affect me?

Research into Aquamin and its effect on human health has all the thrills of a page-turner!

We know that DensiMAX™, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis. Now, researchers say, it may also fight inflammation.

When you’ve hurt yourself, or develop an infection or a disease, inflammation sets in, and your immune system swings into action. The affected area becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful. (Want to know the science? See the references below.)

Now, researchers say, it appears that Aquamin actually reduces your body’s inflammatory response. For example, it can help ease the pain related to osteoarthritis. In the lab, a trial led by Professor Joy Frestedt, an expert whose fields include cell biology, suggests that Aquamin may even help people suffering with knee osteoarthritis to walk and move about more. It may also have an effect on digestion.
Researchers are hard at work. Currently, they’re focusing on how Aquamin affects cognition (the brain’s ability to learn and understand), and the immune system.

Try DensiMAX™

DensiMAX™ with Aquamin is easily absorbed by the body. Unlike many other calcium sources, it doesn’t cause constipation.

Just two tablets contain all the minerals and trace elements you need.

Acknowledgements & Photo credits

Article compiled for Flora Force by Judy Beyer.


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