Micro-Algae to get you out of your comfort zone

“A ship is always safe at the shore — but that is not what it is built for”

I love this quote. It is a reminder for me that resting on my laurels will not help me to achieve my personal or work goals. As we approach the change of season this spring, we’ll be integrating the concept of “Getting out of our own comfort zone” into our business and lifestyle endeavours. After all, staying within my comfort zone will not allow me to maintain wellness over time. What better way to test the limits of our comfort zones than looking to the sea to help us improve our health with exciting new products derived from Algae sources.

Plotting a course

It is 30 years since Flora Force has been making uncomplicated herbal medicine. Great herbal remedies have been the same for many many generations. This should not change. But the world around us has changed.

It is not news to anyone that the environment has been harmed by how we live. This concerns us a lot since we need a healthy environment to continue to make safe natural medicine.

This challenge is not limited to our work, but also the very way in which we live. Two important examples are:

Eating a healthy diet that contains enough protein
Meat production is one of the greatest drivers of deforestation. Soy is grown to feed cattle in factory-like feedlots.

Having enough healthy, unsaturated in our diet.
We know that fish are being wiped out in many of the world’s oceans. Stocks are not allowed to replenish. At the same time it is impossible to avoid the very scary evidence that the oceans have become badly polluted.

Just thinking about this reality can be overwhelming. It is an uncomfortable and difficult conversation. It is not unusual to feel incapable of influencing or solving these problems as individuals. It is true that companies that produce food and health products also have a responsibility. We should also play a role to help address this frightening situation. For me as an individual and Flora Force as a company we feel strongly that we must accept this responsibility alike.

Fortunately, there are good solutions. Even though some of them may seem a little uncomfortable or awkward. They will require us to do things a little differently. Let’s take the first example of protein. The very first super food was dubbed “super” by NASA. Spirulina was sent into space with astronauts to enhance their nutrition. This is because gram for gram this nutrient dense micro alga punches far above its weight. The same holds true of chlorella which is sometimes called the Ferrari of micro-algae.

This is why we are so proud do have introduced DRASANVI super foods to South Africa.
Ok, let’s be fair. Swopping steak for pond slime seems a horrible idea to many of the initiated. Thank goodness there are people who play with their food for a living. Enter Candice Douglas, from The Social Post. What she does with Superfoods is just about magic!

While researching Omega 3’s ahead of our recent Alvega-3 launch, I learned something that really surprised me: Omega 3 is not formed by fish or krill! Just like us, this essential nutrient originates from their diet.

Here I was thinking that it is challenging for vegans and vegetarians to get these nutrients because they exclude animals from their diet. That is the honest truth, even though I was exposed to a vegan diet at a young age. As it turns out Omega 3 essential fatty acids come from micro-algae – what a revelation!

You see a pattern emerging, right?

This has been a Damascus moment for me. As I read about this diverse group (not quite plants – they are in a class of their own), it dawned on me that there is something of a small revolution for our own health and the environment contained in an under-recognised and under-utilised resource.

This idea of trying different things to achieve optimal Wellness can’t be limited only to what we eat. True wellness after all includes physical and emotional self.

There are other hot topics that I wanted to get to grips with, including cold water thermogenesis, eating fermented foods to improve gut health (plus the whole gut-brain connection topic fascinates me) and keeping in shape by eating a high fat low sugar and low carb diet or “keto” and fasting. Like so many other people, I want to find out which of these are most valuable for my own health. Even if a few of these things would be sailing the boat right into wild and scary waters.

It is often said that knowledge is power. But that knowledge is useless if we keep it to ourselves. If there is anything that I have learned in the decades that I have spent working in the complementary health industry, it is that knowledge shade is so much more powerful so over the next 3 months we’ll be taking a deep dive. It may seem a little daunting at first. New adventures beckon us onward… all aboard. Set sail!