Mood Enhancing Fudgy Chocolate Eggs with Organic Reishi

It can’t all be about boosting our immune systems, right? How about we bust out the chocolaty smiles with mood enhancing fudgy chocolate eggs with organic reishi? They’re made with ingredients which naturally lift the spirits and energy levels… and which in turn, boosts the immune system.

Okay. It seems perhaps all topics lead to the immune system. wink

Have a wonderful weekend. Anyone going somewhere exciting? doubly mischievous wink

P.S. I’ll keep coming up with mood- and immune- -boosting recipes for the @drasanvi_superfoods Instagram page throughout our current home hibernation situation. You are welcome to comment with requests, and to share your own ideas on how you are coping with whatever craziness your house is right now.

Why Reishi in Chocolate?

  • Reishi offers the body beta-glucans which stimulate white blood cells, binding them to viruses and destroying them.
  • Beta-glucans have shown to relieve upper respiratory infections

Mood Enhancing Fudgy Chocolate Eggs

(with Organic Reishi and Organic Maca – yes; our online shop is open during lockdown!)

Print or save the recipe card images, and feel free to share with friends.

  • Reishi Superfood used in Easter Eggs
  • Reishi Superfood used in Easter Eggs

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