Flora Force MULTI capsules with Moringa & Orafti™ prebiotic fibre optimally rounds off your daily diet.

Achieve Optimal Health

Everybody knows that it is hard to consistently maintain a balanced, healthy diet. Constant high stress levels add to the pressures of daily life, and makes it even harder to stay healthy.

These challenges of modern living mean that you regularly need to supplement nutrients to preserve the balance that keeps your body functioning at its best.

Preserving homeostasis – the balance we think of as effective functioning of each of your body systems or simply ‘a state of wellness’ – largely depends on adequate macro and micro nutrients in your daily diet.

Flora Force MULTI daily vitamins and minerals provides an easy one-a-day way to fill the gaps that may arise from a busy lifestyle.

Support Your Body Systems

Support Your Body Processes

Staying healthy is dependent on complex enzyme interactions that influence and regulate normal cell functions – from energy production to growth, development and renewal. Many of those enzymes rely on essential nutrients that we normally get from our food. Here are key functions and processes that depend on appropriate nutrient intake:


  • Tissue formation

  • DNA repair

  • Blood, bone, connective tissue and other body systems


  • Energy production

  • Conversion of carbohydrates

  • Utilisation of fats

  • Transformation of protein


  • Brain & nerve health

  • Connective tissue

  • Skin & membranes

  • Disease resistance

  • Immunity

  • Cardiovascular health

I want Flora Force MULTI to cover all the bases for my daily vitamin & mineral needs!

Naturally Powerful Ingredients

The proprietary formula of Flora Force’s MULTI brings you only the best ingredients to support your daily vitamin and mineral intake.

Vitamin A 900µg (5mg); 100% NRV
Vitamin D3 16.5µg (6.6mg); 100% NRV
Vitamin E 15mg (33mg); 100% NRV
Vitamin B1 1.32mg (1.573mg); 110% NRV
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.43mg (1.43mg); 110% NRV
Vitamin B3 17.6mg (17.6mg); 110% NRV
Vitamin B5 5mg (5.5mg); 100% NRV
Vitamin B6 1.86mg (2.277mg); 109% NRV
Vitamin B7 (D-Biotin) 33µg (0.033mg); 110% NRV
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) 440µg (0.44mg); 110% NRV
Vitamin B12 2.6µg (1.32mg); 108.3% NRV
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 110mg (110mg); 110%

Potassium (Potassium iodide) 120µg (157mg); 80% NRV
Zinc (Zinc oxide) 11mg (13.75mg); 100% NRV
Selenium (Selenium glycinate) 55µg (2.75mg); 100% NRV
Chromium (Chromium chloride) 70µg (0.7mg); 200% NRV

Moringa oleifera 20mg

Vegan friendly, non-GMO, Moringa Oleifera leaf powder sourced from a range of growers across Africa.

One of nature’s most nutritious, antioxidant-rich superfoods. Moringa is an excellent source of non-animal protein, and is particularly well suited as a nutrient dense supplement in a plant-based or vegan diet.

Orafti™ Inulin prebiotic fibre 10mg

Inulin supports a healthy gut biome by selectively stimulating the growth of the beneficial gut flora. OraftiTM targets gram-positive bifidobacteria, which positively affect intestinal health, improves digestion and staves off harmful bacteria.

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Flora Force MULTI daily vitamin & minerals Capsules
Flora Force MULTI daily vitamin & minerals Capsules

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