Let’s expand on the question about how Cholesterol Aid can help to naturally support healthy cholesterol levels…

First, remember the blood lipid (fat) lowering as well as the circulatory and anti-inflammatory benefits of some of the ingredients in Cholesterol Aid, as mentioned in the previous post.

It is also important to know that one of the complications of high cholesterol is the development of hardening of blood vessels (calcification/atherosclerosis). When that happens, blood vessels are unable to stretch and contract appropriately which in turn may lead to high blood pressure and increases the risk factor for occlusion of blood vessels and/or the rupture of cholesterol plaques. Flora Force’s Cholesterol Aid contains Folic acid as well as Vitamin B6 and B12 – three nutrients which may help to keep bloodvessels supple.

Now, there is another important issue to keep in mind: When a cholesterol plaque ruptures, small pieces of plaque travel in the blood stream and may cause a blockage in small blood vessels in organs or tissues, such as the heart and brain – i.e. a heart attack or stroke! One of the main factors that causes the rupture of such cholesterol plaques is chronic low grade inflammation. That is why some ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory effects are included in Cholesterol Aid.

Some of the herbal ingredients are known to stimulate circulation, but more importantly, to also support liver function.

I want to emphasize again that one should not rely only on medication to manage or control high cholesterol. Lifestyle and nutritional modifications are important for effective management of high cholesterol.