A Jacaranda FM listener has a family member who suffers from alcohol addiction and wanted to know what natural products could be used to support his body.

Firstly, alcohol addiction is a serious condition and needs to be addressed from several angles, including rehabilitation and counselling, nutritional support and medicinal support where necessary. It is important to support the body as much as possible, as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Excessive alcohol abuse over a long period leads to chronic or permanent damage to important organs like the liver, pancreas, kidneys to name just a few.

One needs to consider liver damage first as this is the first organ which has to protect the body from toxins. It works very hard on a daily basis and a natural product like Flora Force Liver Flush capsules may be useful. The specific combination of herbs help to stimulate metabolism and support the liver and gallbladder, pancreas and digestive system. Supporting the digestive system means absorption of nutrients is improved which in turn helps the body to defend itself better and to recover better from damage caused by toxins like alcohol.