from Dr Florrie Kerschbaumer – Founder, Flora Force Health Products

19 February, 2014

Subsequent to the meeting held by the Medicines Control Council (MCC) on 13 February 2014 concerning forthcoming requirements for the labelling of natural medicines, we at Flora Force confirm our full agreement with the principle that consumers have the right to trustworthy health products that are safe, of good quality and proven efficacy.

The new regulations laid down by the MCC affirm my philosophy regarding natural medicine, a philosophy that we have built the Flora Force brand on since our inception in 1989: to use only top-quality, full-potency herbal ingredients in their natural and original composition. Flora Force provides high-quality products that guarantee full natural strength, efficiency and safety.

Flora Force has started to action the new regulations and as our product labels and boxes are reprinted they will carry the required disclaimer: ‘This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease’ while the products are in the process of being registered.

We value your trust and loyalty towards Flora Force as a company and to our products. Our commitment to you is to stay true to our philosophy. We trust and believe our relationship will continue and grow throughout this time of change and well into the future.

Yours in Health,

Dr Florrie Kerschbaumer