These organic hemp seed superfood balls are always a hit

Date balls are old news. So we are always looking for new, interesting and innovative ways to use the amazing organic, raw Drasanvi superfoods. We discovered  an awesome recipe for organic hemp seed superfood balls about a year ago. And we’ve refined it to a tasty snack sensation.

How good are these superfood balls?

Well… we almost want to keep the recipe our secret :). I’m actually salivating as I’m typing this!

We’ve displayed these balls as samplers at various events over the last year or so, from intimate group events for expecting parents, to school events and even at an international conference and expo for natural health care professionals. They are always a hit. The platters are always cleared.

These delicious snacks are easy-peasy, and require no cooking. They are a lunch box or on-the-run rescue snack par excellence. If you make a batch, it can last the whole week (preferably in the fridge). So it’s a great option to pop one into the kids’ lunch box, or stave off hunger that would have many reaching for a loaf of bread.

None of us can afford the luxury of buying expensive health food snacks every day for everyone in the family. So in the long run, it is a healthy investment to buy some of the pantry essentials in this recipe and spend a bit of time* to make the organic hemp seed superfood balls that could save you a ton of money.

Expert Level Parenting Tip

Get your kids and spouse or partner involved in helping you roll the balls. Everyone gets done quicker. The kids get to learn a kitchen trick, while staying out of trouble. And while getting your hands dirty over some food bonding, no-one can touch a phone. That way it becomes the sort of quality time that is in real short supply today.

What we love about these tangy and creamy organic hemp seed superfood balls

  • Hemp seed is an incredible plant source of protein and amino acids. Drasanvi hemp seed is soaked and the “hemp hearts” gently opened so you only get the delicious nutty centre and easily digest the healthy oils and protein it contains.
  • Cashews are packed with essential mineral nutrients that are associated with a slew of health benefits. From your arteries to your skin, the combination of healthy fats and minerals means your whole body benefits from including these delicious nuts in your diet.
  • Cranberries are now commonly available without our least favourite dried fruit preservative: Sulphur dioxide. It can cause asthma symptoms, and we simply don’t like it in our food. These yummy ones preserved with pineapple juice.
  • Coconut oil has been rightfully become one of the most popular healthy oils around. We particularly shop for the ones that are not deflavoured (why loose the most enjoyable part?!)


  • Cashew nuts 200ml*
  • Cranberries 200ml
  • Coconut flakes 80ml (desiccated coconut – you could use flakes or the finer bits in a pinch – it only helps a bit with binding)
  • Coconut oil 20ml
  • Drasanvi Hemp seeds 10-15ml
  • Salt Small pinch

*Given by volume, not weight because as a general rule of thumb half and half of the first two ingredients with enough oil and a bit of coconut allows you to make a ball.


It does not get simpler… MBPR… Measure, Blend, Press & Roll!

  • Get your ingredients measured, and chuck them into a blender.
  • Blend them until the biggest pieces are down to around 3mm so that you don’t have big pieces that break the balls up when you are pressing them. The right blend will have an almost slow “oozy” quality without being too wet.
  • Press & roll into balls. When pressed in your hand it should start forming a ball. If you like, use a spoon or measuring cup to get a consistent size by using a similar amount per ball. Around 50ml by volume makes a great size ball.
  • This should leave you with around 15-20 balls per batch.