Pistachio Date Balls Loaded with Superfoods

No more date balls, I said; they’re messy to make! So why then, these Pistachio Date Balls with superfoods? Ha. A mom can change her mind, can’t she? Especially when she’s worked out how to keep her hands (mostly) clean…

Previously I’ve rolled a batch of date balls and had to scrape the thick layer of mixture off my hands halfway through. Yeugh. At that stage my solution was to press the mixture into a lined dish and then to cut them into squares after refrigerating; works great, and it’s quicker, too. But I noticed Emily really enjoys the date balls I buy her now and then. And I wanted a little-something to make school snack-time fun and superfood-fuelled.

I had a trick to try. Before rolling the mixture into balls, I wet my hands a little, and… success! No thick coating to scrape off, and squeaky clean after a simple stint with soap and water.

This should make it easier to switch between making date balls or squares, which keeps the snacks interesting! I hope you’re thinking ‘Yay, that’s helpful!’ and not ‘She didn’t know to wet her hands first?’ (In which case, just smile and nod and let me have it, please. 😉)


Pistachio Date Balls with Hidden Superfoods

makes roughly 12 big, 24 small


Dusting to roll the balls in:
One or all of the below



  1. In a food processor, grind the pistachio nuts, keeping some aside if you want it as a coating for the date balls. (We kept aside 2 Tbsp to roll a few of the date balls in.)
  2. Add dates (make sure there are no pips!) and the rest of the ingredients – except the water – and process on high until the mixture resembles crumbs; around 30 -60 seconds depending on your machine.
  3. With the machine on, pour the water in through the spout. The mixture should immediately look wetter. Process or pulse until everything is evenly mixed. Test it by squeezing a little mixture between your fingers; it should stick together.
  4. On a chopping board, plate or piece of baking paper, divide mixture into even amounts using a spoon to make the size of date ball that you want. Once it is all evenly distributed, rub a little water onto your hands to make them damp, and roll the mixture between your palms to make nicely rounded shapes. This should help prevent your hands getting coated with a sticky layer of date mixture!
  5. Roll them in your choice of dusting, and seal in a container in the fridge. Add to lunchboxes or snaffle at will.

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