Intestinal Health

  • Treatment to rid body of intestinal parasites and nematode worms. Relieves symptoms associated with parasitic infestation. The synergistic combination acts as an anti-inflammatory, relieving abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort. Improves peristalsis and digestion. 350mg, 60 capsules. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: 100mg Artimisia africana powder, 70mg Foeniculum vulgare powder, 100mg Larrea mexicana powder, 30mg Syzygium aromatica powder, 30mg Picrasma excelsa powder, 20mg Rhamnus purshiana powder.
  • An effective liver and digestive detoxifier. Relieves sluggishness, bloating and atonic constipation. Helps the body in waste clearance of accumulated by-products. Improves digestive, liver and kidney function. Liver FlushTM has a hepato-protective action, preventing damage from harmful chemicals and alcohol and aiding recovery of the liver. Constituents act as free radical scavengers and clear heavy metals. Acts as a blood purifier and improves circulation. It also has anti-fungal and anti-parasitic actions. 390mg, 60 capsules. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: 78mg Cinnamonium zeylenium powder, 78mg Centaurium erythraea powder, 78mg Rhamnus purshiana powder, 78mg Zingiber officinalis powder, 78mg Cynara scolymus.


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