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  • BlueIron

    R339,00 incl VAT
    Tired All The Time? The Iron in Blueiron can help. Blueiron contains iron which contributes to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Our Iron Blueiron contains a patented, micro-encapsulated form of iron. The iron in Blueiron is easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach. Our Scandinavian Secret Every single bottle of Blueiron contains Nordic Blueberry concentrate, for a great taste. Feel The Difference Each great tasting spoonful of Blueiron contains iron which contributes to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue and the normal function of the immune system.  
    Mineral Water, Glucose, Natural Blueberry Concentrate, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate), Iron (Ferric Saccharate Complex), Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Zinc Oxide, Thickener: Xanthan Gum, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Folic Acid, Biotin.
    Shake gently before use. Adults: 2 x 5ml teaspoons per day Children (age 11 – 18): 2 x 5ml teaspoons per day Children (age 7 – 10): 1 x 5ml teaspoon per day Children (age 3 – 6): ½ x 5ml teaspoon per day Suitable for use during pregnancy. Once opened consume within 3 months.
  • Flora Fresh Hand and Surface Spray Refill

    R99,00R2599,00 incl VAT
    Perfectly clean. Naturally fresh! Now available in bulk sizes up to 25 Litres. FLORA FRESH® Hand and Surface Spray Refill with tea tree and pine essential oils, contains 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol as specified by the WHO for neutralising germs. Choose your preferred refill size below:
  • Flora Fresh Hand Sanitiser Gel

    R24,95R1899,00 incl VAT
    Perfectly clean. Naturally fresh! Now available in bulk sizes up to 25 Litres. FLORA FRESH® Hand Sanitiser with lavender essential oil, contains 70% alcohol as specified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for neutralising germs. Select your preferred size below:
  • floraBABY Cotton Bib

    R125,00 incl VAT
    Our soft, absorbent, 100% cotton bib includes a convenient teething or dummy attachment to prevent lost or falling dummies or teethers. Safe, secure attachment to prevent baby pulling the bib off.
  • floraBABY Nursing Cover

    R370,00 incl VAT
    Our nursing cover keeps you covered in a fashionable yet discreet colour, while the flexible neckline allows you to keep an eye on your baby during feeding. The light, 100% cotton fabric allows baby to breathe freely while minimizing distraction while feeding.
  • Protect your nipples for comfortable breastfeeding 100% Cotton, soft brushed flannel for “baby-soft” gentle comfort. Designed to stay in position without uncomfortable shifting. The highly absorbent cotton microfiber lining helps to prevent leakage and keep your breasts dry to reduce the possibility of cracked nipples. 2 Pairs
  • 100% Natural, gel free packs to soothe painful breasts Made with brushed cotton cover for soft, gentle comfort. Unique U shape ensures sore or sensitive nipples remain uncovered. Can be warmed to stimulate milk flow or chilled in the freezer for pain relief. Sprinkle with soothing essential oils for an additional calming effect.
  • Our Travel Feeding Pillow provides a snug resting place for baby’s head with comfortable positioning to support baby’s posture. Adjustable and easy to slip on and off your arm
. Convenient size for traveling. Non-allergenic hollow-fibre filling.
  • Mila’s Meals: The Beginnings & The Basics is a 500-page, multiple award-winning collection of nourishing wholefood recipes and food ideas for baby’s first years (and the rest of the family too). Free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy and artificial additives. Covering The Beginning of your little one’s life-long food journey (food introduction etc.) and The Basics of nourishing the whole family – it’s as much about learning how to feed your baby as it is about re-learning how to feed yourself! Reprinted due to popular demand, the book had a little make-over turning it into a whole new Second Edition. Now also includes a free pack of Drasanvi Superfood!
  • FLORA FORCE® Organic Moringa capsules contain vegan friendly, non-GMO, Moringa Oleifera leaf powder sourced from a range of growers across Africa. One of nature's most nutritious, antioxidant-rich superfoods. Moringa is an excellent source of non-animal protein, and is particularly well suited as a nutrient dense supplement in a plant-based or vegan diet. FLORA FORCE® Organic Moringa capsules are 100% free from:
    • Added sugar or lactose
    • Artificial colourants or flavourants
    • Synthetic chemical additives
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