• Flora Force MULTI vitamin & mineral capsules with Moringa is the ideal daily health supplement to round off an optimal diet. The inclusion of Orafti™ inulin prebiotic fibre supports a healthy, flourishing gut micro-biome.
    • Supports nutrient metabolism
    • Supports cell formation and DNA repair
    • Maintains brain & nerve health
    • Maintains immunity
    • Made in South Africa
  • Flora Force BioFend™

    R388,13 incl VAT
    Flora Force BioFend™ is a natural nutritional supplement containing Wellmune® and Acerola cherry, to support a strong, healthy immune system and overall good health.
    • Naturally occuring Vitamin C
    • Supports immune health
    • Maintains physical health
    • Protects against the harmful effects of stress
    • Lower incidences and faster recovery of upper respiratory tract infections
    • Made in South Africa


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