Phyto-mone™ tablets

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A complementary natural medicine combination with homeopathic and herbal constituents supporting the female hormonal system. Relieves premenstrual syndrome. Useful in menopausal conditions in combination with Wild yam. Reduces discomfort, excessive bleeds, and symptoms of prolapsed organs. Ease sleep disturbance related to hormonal cycle.

220mg, 60 capsules
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    Natural complementary treatment of all symptoms related to:

  • Female hormonal- and urogenital system
  • Premenstrual symptoms – physical and emotional
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Prolapsed uterus and bladder, with symptoms of an irritable bladder
  • Irregular cycle, excessive bleeding
  • Sleep disturbance during menstrual cycle and menopause


Rheum palmatum, Humulus lupulus

Homeopathic remedies
Sepia 6cH, Thyroid 6cH, Pituitary 6cH, Suprarenal 6cH

Take 1 to 2 tablets daily, or as prescribed by a qualified/registered health care practitioner