Reishi Gets Red Carpet Treatment for Immune Boosting Health Benefits

Our immune systems are basking in all the attention. Suddenly they get to hang out on the red carpet with the friends who make them feel great. Like reishi with its beta-glucans. I keep imagining the insides of our bodies as a bustling metropole, with our cell structures having tiny newspapers delivered by happy hormones with headlines that read: Reishi Gets Red Carpet Treatment for Immune Boosting Health Benefits!

What’s special about reishi in particular? Well, those lovely beta-glucans I mentioned help our immune systems hold a big influence over viruses and get them escorted right out of the body.

Of course, there is no easy Fix All. And nature is full of wonderful foods with superpowers. So in addition to small regular doses of reishi and other superfoods, we eat wholefoods (the embodiment of inconvenient food *sigh*), we work to stay upbeat, consciously make time to run around in the yard with a ball soaking up some golden sunshine, and take advantage of the slew of free YouTube exercise videos around. Quality sleep is crazily, ridiculously important, too. …Uh. I’m working on that. Let’s just say getting to bed early is not my strong point.

I hope these simple reishi recipes help you figure out how to add more of it to your week. And that you enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime hibernation period. Let’s make the most out of it, shall we?

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  • Trigger a bunch of actions in the body which help strengthen the immune system (immunomodulators)
  • Stimulate white blood cells, binding to viruses and destroying them
  • Appear to relieve upper respiratory infections and to reduce number of sick days
    not naturally produced by the body

What (and where) are they?

They are the sugars found in cell walls of foods such as oats, reishi (see recipes below for ways to up your intake), brewer’s yeast and barley.

How to get more beta-glucans in?

Sip on a delicious hot drink, shake up a simple salad dressing, and enjoy a tasty Asian dinner. Although, probably not all at once. 😋

3 Beta-Glucan packed recipes:

You’re welcome to print these recipe cards for easy use, or share the images with your friends.

  • Reishi Superfood used in Hot Chocolate
  • Reishi Superfood used in Asian Ginger Dressing
  • Reishi Superfood used in Salad Dressing

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