Allergo™ capsules


A unique formulation of herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and mineral ingredients with enhanced bio-availability in a synergistic combination. Reduces allergic irritation and inflammation of mucous membranes. Lessens secondary complications of respiratory system, sinuses, post-nasal drip and allergic skin conditions. Restores sleep and recovery. It is a non-sedative formulation that improves quality of life. The action of the constituents is anti-allergic, anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, controlling the effect of T-lymphocytes, reducing allergy- inducing antibody levels. Stabilising effect on mast cells and histamine release. It inhibits prostaglandin formation and inflammation. AllergoTM also has anti-asthmatic/broncho-dilatory properties; it eases coughing spasms and reduces mucus.

30 capsules.

Ingredients: Composition per capsule: Albizia lebbeck powder 50mg, Euphrasia officinalis powder 50mg, Plantago major powder 50mg, Prunus serotina powder 50mg, Pulmonaria offficinalis powder 50mg, Sambucus nigra powder 50mg, Urtica dioica powder 50mg, MSM powder 100mg, Vitamin C 10mg, Vitamin E 4mg, Bioperine powder ™ 3mg, Lactose 4mg containing the following homeopathics in 6cH**Allium cepa, *Arsenicum album, *Arundo donax, *Euphrasia officinalis, *Histaminum, *Hydrastis Canadensis, *Natrum muriaticum, *Nux vomica, *Pulsatilla nigrans, *Sabadilla, *Sanguinaria canadensis, *Sinapsis nigra, *Sticta pulmonaria, *Wyethia.

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