FLORA FORCE® Aloe Bitters with Psyllium capsules

FLORA FORCE® Aloe Bitters with Psyllium capsules

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Aloe Bitters with Psyllium brings together the best of two traditional laxative herbs for a gentle, fast and effective relief from constipation.

350mg, 60 capsules

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FLORA FORCE® ALOE BITTERS with PSYLLIUM capsules contain Aloe ferox latex powder and Psyllium husks (Plantago psyllium) for a unique, dual action traditional herbal laxative to easily relieve constipation.

Most over-the-counter laxatives can be divided into two categories – Stimulant or Bulk laxatives.
STIMULANT laxatives are fast-acting, encourage peristalsis and in the case of aloe bitters is known to stimulate bile secretion.
Psyllium draws in moisture as it increases volume and softens the stool, and for this reason is called a BULK laxative.

ALOE BITTERS with PSYLLIUM combines the best of both laxatives for a more effective bowel relief.

Our herbal capsules provide the true herb, dried and powdered, not standardised extracts or concentrations of single biochemicals extracted from the herbs.

We use only Vege caps because we believe everyone should have access to true natural products, regardless of their religious requirements or nutritional preferences.

FLORA FORCE® ALOE BITTERS with PSYLLIUM capsules are 100% free from:

  • Added sugar or lactose
  • Colourants or flavourants
  • Chemical inactives / additives (e.g. flow agents, exipients, fillers, etc.)

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