FLORA FORCE® West Coast kelp tablets

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A complete, naturally occurring, balanced nutritional multi-mineral from the ocean. Improves function of thyroid, metabolism and provides minerals needed in mineral deficiency conditions. Anti-oxidant protective function. Aids digestion, laxative action, strengthens the immune system, provides essential minerals required for blood cell function. The demulcent action soothes mucous membrane irritation in the digestive and the respiratory systems.

500mg, 60 tablets.


West coast kelp contains high amounts of organic iodine and may cause over stimulation of the thyroid.
Indicated dosage is for short-term slimming purposes. Avoid in cases of iodine sensitivity and thyroid conditions. Do not use this product long-term or on a continuous daily basis at the indicated dosage.


West Coast Kelp Tablets Package Insert

Scheduling status: C0

Proprietary name (and dosage form): Flora Force West Coast Kelp Tablets 500mg.

Composition: Each Tablet contains 500mg Ecklonia maxima powder.

Pharmacological classification:  Category D Western Herbal Medicine.

Pharmacological action: 32.3 Other Substances or Agents, Slimming

Indications: Herbal medicine which assists in promoting the function of the thyroid and assists in supporting the metabolism.

Provides essential minerals and vitamins from a single plant source.

Contra-indications: Contra-indicated in those with known sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Do not use with hyperthyroid states or disorders in sodium metabolism. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Warnings: Avoid in cases of Iodine sensitivity and thyroid conditions.

Do not use this product long-term or on a continuous basis.

Drug Interaction: Thyroxine or any other thyroid medication.

Lithium carbonate and other iodine containing drugs.

Pregnancy and Lactation: Safety not establish during pregnancy. However high dosage not advised in pregnancy. Not to be used while breastfeeding.

Dosage and directions for use: Take two tablets twice daily, with meals or as prescribed by practitioner.

Side-effects and special precautions: Caution contains iodine, may cause over stimulation of the thyroid.

Known symptoms of over dosage and particulars of its treatment: In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control centre immediately.

Contact the nearest poison line for further help.

Monitor thyroid activity with blood tests over a few weeks and consult a specialist physician.

Identification: Dark brown, 12mm round, bi-convex tablet.

Presentation: 60 Tablets packed into 125ml amber glass bottle with light green screw cap and safety seal insert

Storage instructions: Store below 25ºC. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Registration number: To be allocated.

Applicant: Flora Force Health Products (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 426, Rondebosch, 7701, Cape Town

Date of publication: 23/07/2015

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