Another Jakaranda FM listener writes that every year after his annual holiday, he suffers from stomach discomfort and bloating.

This is a complaint I hear very often, especially after our long summer vacations that fall over Christmas and the new year. It happens mostly because people tend to eat and and drink quite a lot more over the festive season. If you didn’t observe moderation over the festive season (or any other holiday or long weekend for that matter) then a natural product like Liver Flush capsules may help to get your body into action again.

Among the ingredients in Liver Flush capsules, the bitters from Centaurium (common centaury) Zingiber (ginger) and Rhamnus (cascara) help to stiumulate the whole digestive canal, thereby improving absorption of nutrients.
Rhamnus also has a stimulating effect on peristalsis in the colon, thereby helping to improve bowel motions and relieve constipation. This of course helps to eliminate toxins from the system, putting less strain on the liver. When the liver works better and the colon can eliminate better, you’ll feel less tired and less bloated after meals – you’ll experience more energy and even improved appetite for the healthy stuff.