Are you feeling sluggish after all those comforting wintry stews and cheese toasties? Have the scales crept up a kilo or two, or three? Has your exercise plan fallen by the wayside? I’ll bet the words ‘Time for a detox’ just popped into your head. Before you give up everything, let’s look closely at detox plans. Do they do what they promise?

Detoxing – we prefer to call this process seasonal rejuvenation, or a seasonal cleanse – is a contentious topic. Does limiting your diet help jumpstart your system and give you a glow of vitality? Frankly, the jury is unconvinced. Detox diets may be popular, and there certainly are loads of products on the market designed to help you get rid of toxins. But, according to George Dresser, professor at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, ‘Detox diets are promoted as a healthy thing to do, but there is no evidence that they actually eliminate toxins from your system.’

So how can you revive yourself after your winter ‘hibernation’?

Well, here’s the good news. Your body is magnificently designed. It’s an expert at getting rid of toxins, no matter what you eat. If it weren’t, the toxic build-up in your organs would have killed you a long time ago.

That doesn’t let you off the hook though. You can play a part in a springtime cleanse by following a healthy, alkaline diet and eating the correct foods every day. As Dresser says, ‘The ultimate healthy diet is one you can live with day in, day out. I would rather see people make very small changes to what they eat, and do it constantly.’ Cut out processed and high-fat foods, reduce your intake of sugary foods, and eat more whole foods like fruits and vegetables – you’ll definitely feel the difference.

Our top six tips to help you revitalise your body this spring

  1. Change your diet.
    Follow a Mediterranean diet – fruit, vegetables, ‘good’ fats, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and smaller amounts of meat and dairy. So many fabulous foods feature in the Med diet that you never feel like you’re missing out on any flavours. Cut down on alcohol – a glass or two of red is fine; a bottle is not.
  2. Drink water, and then some more…
    Water is your body’s natural cleanser. It flushes out your system, plumps up your skin and rehydrates you top to tail. Aim for two litres a day.
  3. Step up your exercise programme.
    Exercising for just a short while a day helps tone your body (always a plus!). Your heart rate rises and your blood starts pumping. Your immune system gets a wake up and your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers is reduced. You’ll feel more mentally alert, and even less depressed, if that’s a problem. How? When we exercise, our muscles act a bit like the liver – they produce an enzyme that gets rid of chemicals that accumulate during stress and can be harmful to the brain.
  4. Check your beauty products.
    Many everyday products including makeup, fragrance, hair products, soaps and sunscreens contain chemicals that can interfere with hormones and potentially increase the risk of disease. Toss the baddies, and head over to our health-focus buddy to stock up on healthy looking-good products.
  5. Get some sleep.
    Sleep really is at the foundation of a healthier lifestyle. Not enough and you could damage your liver, which is bad news when you need to get rid of toxins. While you’re sleeping, your body is hard at work. You may be touring dreamland, but your body is busy regenerating and repairing tissues and cells, balancing your immune system, and even removing harmful toxins from your brain.
  6. Support your system with natural, whole-herb products
    FLORA FORCE does not advocate “fad” detox diets. Our whole-herb products may help rejuvenate your body naturally – in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and the recommendations listed above.
    Try our Liver Flush™ capsules to support your body in eliminating waste products (so you don’t feel sluggish, bloated or constipated), and to supports your liver, kidneys and digestion. Try Lymph Cleanse™ drops to knock fatigue on its head by powering up your lymphatic system. Try Turmerynne™ capsules to support your body’s functions with antioxidants. It stimulates metabolism, helps get rid of toxins and improves your energy levels. Turmeric helps your liver, digestion and metabolism work properly, and Ginger improves digestion and boosts blood flow.

    Get these products at Faithful To Nature.

Flora Force wishes you a healthy, energetic spring!


Consult your health practitioner before taking any herbal supplements.
  • Always consult your health practitioner before taking any herbal supplements, especially if you are taking other medication, and especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Article compiled for Flora Force by Judy Beyer.


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